Media Release on behalf of Cycle Centennial

Relocation of the children’s cycleway at Centennial Park is the best option for addressing safety concerns according to a consortium of bicycle riders and clubs, Cycle Centennial.

Traffic volume and “double parking” on Grand Drive parallel to the children’s cycleway poses a serious risk to all users of the park, a risk Cycle Centennial’s Mr David Jordan says we are all very concerned about.

In a submission to Centennial Parklands Trust, Cycle Centennial says, the Trust should act on its decision in 2001 to relocate the children’s cycleway to the agreed location between the Education Precinct and Loch Avenue. The proposed location is removed from the high traffic levels of Grand Drive, close to safe, easy parking and in close proximity to amenities including toilets.

Mr Jordan says, “In addition to providing a safe environment where children can enjoy riding their bicycles and parents can park easily and close by, the relocation alternative will also reduce traffic congestion on Grand Drive.”

“We are at a loss to understand why the Centennial Parklands Trust hasn’t acted on its 2001 decision. Instead they are proposing an overly complicated, potentially expensive solution that will disadvantage all users of the park.”

Cycle Centennial’s submission also proposes a number of short term solutions to help improve safety, while the children’s cycleway is being relocated such as a 20kph speed limit between the hours of 9am and 4pm on weekends and school holidays.

Mr Jordan says, “Centennial Park has a 100 year history as a place of enjoyment for walkers, runners, horse riders, families having a picnic and bicyclists of all ages and abilities. We want to see this continue safely, for all user groups not at the expense of them.”




David Jordan, Cycle Centennial   ​0418 867 886
Steven Berveling, Cycle Centennial  ​0419 413 138

2 Responses to “Media Release on behalf of Cycle Centennial”
  1. Stefano Blochowiak says:

    Firstly let me congratulate you all in presenting a cogent, reasonable and easy to understand presentation. Fantastic! I am a member of SCC and have emailed my views to CP on this issue and all the points are in sink with those expressed in your submission.
    There is one point that i would like to bring to your attention, its is that for a proper debate all information prepared by consultants and advisers engaged by CP should be freely availabe for inspection on the CP website. This allows for all parties to openly debate issues in a fully informed manner and transparent manner. CP Trust has a freedom of information policy and it should adhere to it. In previous matters this was made available.
    The secondary reason for requesting this information is that in the past consultant/advisor reports have been found to be deficient in capturing all the relevant information and therefore presenting a recommendation based on poor methodology and using pieces of information to fit there desird outcome. Cheers Stefano Blochowiak

  2. Norma says:

    A magazine theme would make ur blog look nicer :)

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